Farm Raised Alligator Ribs

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Tender Farmed Alligator Ribs – A Delicious Delight from Alligators Inc. Farm fresh, lean, and protein-packed. Order now for a flavorful culinary adventure!

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Tender Farmed Alligator Ribs – A Delicious Delight from Alligators Inc

Indulge in our Premium Alligator Ribs – Farm Fresh and Flavorful

Tender Farmed Alligator Ribs – A True Delicacy

Try a set of our tender farmed alligator ribs today! Easy to prepare and absolutely delicious! Our alligators are professionally farm-raised in South Florida at our family-owned and operated farm, ensuring the highest quality and flavor. Processed in our on-site state-certified and inspected HACCP compliant facility, we take pride in delivering a premium product to your doorstep.

Farm Fresh and Flavorful – Alligators Raised with Care

Our alligators are raised indoors in climate-controlled buildings, providing them with a comfortable environment. They are fed a custom-blended feed, rich in protein (56%) and high in fat, carefully selected to assure excellent taste and texture. Rest assured, our alligators are never fed growth hormones or steroids, guaranteeing a natural and wholesome product. We take pride in providing you with alligator ribs that are free from preservatives, such as Sodium Tripolyphosphate.

Premium Packaging and Shipping for Ultimate Convenience

Each package of our alligator ribs is vacuum-sealed, weighing between 2 to 2.5 lbs, ensuring freshness and easy storage. We ship our products frozen in custom insulated shipping boxes, accompanied by dry ice to maintain optimal temperature during transit. Included with your order are detailed cooking instructions, allowing you to prepare your alligator ribs to perfection in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Health-Conscious Choice – Lean, Protein-Packed, and Delicious

Alligator meat is an excellent choice for health-conscious friends and patrons. Packed with protein, even more than chicken, beef, or pork, it offers a nutritious alternative. Alligator meat is lean, with a mild flavor similar to chicken, and is low in fat and cholesterol. While the tail contains most of the white meat, the back loins, neck, and ribs also offer exceptional taste and texture. For those seeking a slightly more gamey taste, the legs feature a darker meat.

If you’re a first timer check out our Alligators Inc Signature Ribs recipe on ideas of where to get started.

For more information on the nutritional value of gator meat please visit the official USDA site.

Ordering and Shipping Information

To ensure the freshest delivery, we ship on every Monday and Tuesday. We recommend placing your order by the Wednesday before your desired shipping date, as processing and receiving the order may take a day or two. We strive to provide the utmost convenience to our customers, ensuring that your alligator ribs reach you in perfect condition and ready to be enjoyed.

Experience the exceptional quality and flavor of our tender farmed alligator ribs today! Place your order and savor a culinary adventure like no other.

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