Purchasing Alligators At Alligators Inc.
We welcome both Licensed Nuisance Trappers and Licensed Statewide Trappers

Offering favorable alligator prices. We proudly engage in responsible alligator processing, ensuring adherence to all legal requirements and ethical standards.

Selling Legally Harvested Alligators

Have you been drawn in the Florida Alligator Hunt lottery and now have a legally harvested alligator to
sell? Or are you a participant of Florida’s private lands alligator program or a state-licensed nuisance
alligator trapper? If so, we welcome the opportunity to purchase your alligators.

We are committed to helping you complete the Harvest Report Form that is required. Our trained staff specializes in alligator skinning and processing and is familiar with the laws regulating these activities.

Requirements and Strict Stance on Legality

  • Please note we maintain a strict stance on illegal activity. Only legally harvested alligators are accepted at
    our facility – we make no exceptions.

  • Do remember to bring your state-issued alligator trapper’s license, private lands permit or nuisance permit, and any necessary harvest report forms when you visit our facility. We emphasize the importance of a CITES tag and the correct CITES tag placement that must be attached within six inches of the alligator’s tail and a copy of the required harvest permit, allowing the individual to possess the alligator.

Preserving Freshness and Quality

Important notice: Public waters hunts are now allowed 24 hours a day. However, if you harvest your alligator and leave it in direct sunlight, even briefly, during the summer heat, it’s likely to spoil and, as a result, cannot be purchased or processed. We advise that you promptly ice down your alligator after harvest to preserve freshness before purchase or processing. This attention to detail assures superb-quality alligator meat processing and skinning.

At Alligators Inc., we put a premium on responsible and ethical alligator handling, from tag placement to meat processing. Trust us for reliable alligator purchasing solutions.

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