Alligators Inc. - Your Trusted Alligator Processing Solution

Alligators Inc., is a trusted name committed to responsible alligator processing. We are proud to be permitted through the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACC) and remain fully HACCP compliant. Our facility is licensed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission as a quality-certified processor.

Committed to Responsible Alligator Processing

Having successfully bagged an alligator through the Florida Alligator Hunt lottery and wishing to process it for personal consumption? We are your go-to experts. We take pride in our impeccable alligator skinning and processing services, offering:

Services Offered and Transportation Options

– Belly Skin at $30.00 per foot, perfect for creating items like wallets and purses.
– Full Body/Rug Mount less than 10 feet at $35.00 per foot. Ideal if you desire the skin for trophy mount or rug mount purposes.
– Full Body/Rug Mount above 10 feet at $40.00 per foot.
– All meat is tenderized twice and packaged in 2.5-pound units.

If you prefer the ‘Trade for Skinning’ package, you receive the head and skin of 6 feet or larger alligators at no charge
while we keep the meat. You can have your alligator hide prepped and salted for tanning at just $50.00 per hide.

Not sure about transporting your harvested alligator? We’ve got you covered. Our alligator transport services
encompass most areas in South Florida:

– Free pickup within 25 miles of our facility.
– A manageable $50.00 charge for pickups beyond 25 miles of our facility.

Now, we’ve made payment even easier for our clients by accepting credit and debit cards for all our services, including meat processing and alligator purchasing. At Alligators Inc, we offer competitive alligator prices and take care of appropriate cites tag placement for all processed alligators.

Alligators Inc. guarantees professional, ethical and quality service with each assignment we undertake. Trust us to maintain the same dedication and integrity in handling your prized alligators.